18 years old sentenced 20 years for used dating app robbery

Frank, 36, is one of two women on Louisiana's death row at the women's prison in St. The prosecutors at the time, Glen Woods and Elizabeth Teel, had plenty of evidence to secure a conviction and a death sentence. On the blood-soaked kitchen floor were Cuong and Ha Vu, both shot dead.

LaCaze fired again, striking Williams in the back of the neck. Chau Vu and Mary Williams, Officer Williams's widow, have become close friends and see each other often.

Wayne Farve stopped Frank and asked her where the perpetrators were. Her father, who had been waiting for her outside, filed a missing person's report with the police after finding a note his daughter had left behind that said, "I was doomed since the day I was born She didn't know Antoinette Frank.

Her older sister, Ha, and year-old brother, Cuong, were cleaning up the kitchen and saw where she hid the cash. In the kitchen, Frank said, "Chau, I need to talk to you.

Frank gave Chau and Quoc one last shove, then turned and raced toward the front. She bought him a cell phone, expensive clothes, even rented him a new Cadillac.

Seconds later, she stood over the kneeling forms of Ha and Cuong Vu, holding the same 9mm pistol LaCaze had just used to kill Williams.

After Frank had left the second time, Williams warned Chau that she was bad news. She said she had executed the brother and sister because LaCaze had made her do it. According to LaCaze, when Frank couldn't find them, she looked at him and said, "One of the bitches got away.

Marco Demma showed jury members where they'd found the bodies of Ha and Cuong Vu. After the jury convicted Frank of three counts of first-degree murder, it returned the next day to preside over the death penalty phase, itself a mini-trial in which almost anything is fair game for prosecutors and defense attorneys.

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Rantz does is get to know the crime scene. Dismissing the mountain of evidence against his client, Willie Turk, LaCaze's defense attorney, said after the trial, "If Rogers had not used that credit card, he would have gotten off.

She grabbed her purse and ran back into the cooler. Two men got out. But Chief Justice Pascal Calogero and Justice Bernette Johnson dissented in Tuesday's ruling, finding that Frank was denied her right as a capital murder defendant to have a "meaningful consideration" of all favorable evidence.

Chau was nearly hysterical but wanted to check on her brother and sister. After waiting several more minutes to make sure the two robbers were really gone, Chau crept out of the cooler. His older sister, Ha, was still on her knees, her forehead resting against the floor.

Cuong had been planning for a life as a Catholic priest. Reginald Jacques crept around to the back while Wayne Farve went through the front door.

Experts who examined the remains — an arm, a leg, sections of spine, and a skull — have not been able to make a positive identification, but have determined that they are those of a man about the same age as Frank's father.

Kimball and the rest of the majority found her death sentence properly rendered by the courts and the jury. Later, at the conclusion of that evaluation, the psychiatrist who interviewed Frank rated her as unacceptable in integrity, forthrightness, and willingness to accept responsibility.

Frank then looked at Chau Vu as if seeing her for the first time that night.Antoinette Frank was a year-old rookie New Orleans police officer when she and Rogers LaCaze terrorized the family-owned Kim Anh restaurant, shooting dead Officer Ronald Williams, and siblings Ha and Cuong Vu during a robbery.

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18 years old sentenced 20 years for used dating app robbery
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